Thursday, January 9, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow

One of the benefits of living in southern Arizona is our mild winters and our winter growing season.  Having never gardened before, I decided to give it a try.  I'm not a great vegetable eater so purchased a small raised bed set up and some lettuce and carrot starts and headed home to plant my garden.

Arriving home from the nursery and ready to plant
I carefully planted the carrots and lettuce in the tiny raised bed set-up just as the guy at the nursery instructed.  I watered the garden and was feeling very proud of my accomplishment.

Planting Day
I carefully checked to ensure that the irrigation system was providing enough water each day but also noticed a number of my carrot starts and a couple of the lettuce plants had withered away.  But, as the weather got cooler and with some feeding I started to see progress - my little garden was growing.  I   used some of my home grown lettuce for the first time last week.  It is a good feeling eating food grown in your own yard.  I am planning to plant a bigger garden for the spring growing season and am looking forward to enjoying some sweet carrots very soon.

My garden today (1/9/14).  

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  1. They really grew!! I know lettuce really likes the cool weather.