Thursday, February 20, 2014

Out of the Garden

In beautiful southern Arizona where I live, it is time to plant our gardens for the next growing season.  I've checked my carrots over the last month or so and found them to be rather gnarled.  Earlier this week I opted to pull the rest of them to prepare the space for new plants and this is what I got: a nice bunch of stubby, gnarly carrots.

What do you do with a bunch of stubby, gnarly carrots?  I cleaned them and enjoyed them as a snack over a couple of days.  They were very sweet and crunchy. . .perfect other than the shape.  They would have been beautiful roasted with the greens left on and served with dinner.

Introducing Healing Hearts

Blogging has obviously taken a backseat this month.  I have been spending my time getting my Etsy shop, The Pink Contessa up and running and, more importantly, working on my signature product: the Healing Heart. What is a Healing Heart?  Below is the description directly from my Etsy shop and a little information about how they came to be.

Healing Hearts are handmade in my studio.  They are a stuffed and weighted fabric heart measuring approximately 7” x 7” and adorned with a charm and an option for personalization. The Healing Heart makes a perfect gift for anyone grieving the loss of a loved one, a miscarriage, still born baby, or loss of a pet.  They are a thoughtful gift for someone going through a difficult time. . .just a simple way to tell them you care.

Healing Hearts are made from a variety of sensual, soft to the touch fabrics and can be adorned with the charm of your choice.  Your Healing Heart can be personalized with a 7/8 inch hand-stamped, stainless steel disc.

Many people find the Healing Heart a comfort to have nearby when grieving or struggling with life’s difficulties.  Some find the weight of the Healing Heart when placed upon their own heart to bring relief and comfort. Others display it as a remembrance of a loss or difficult period they’ve overcome.  There really is no right or wrong way to use a Healing Heart.

Healing Hearts were born out of a discussion between my sister, Faith and I.  We're both avid pet lovers as are many of our friends.  Pet loss is something we deal with on a regular (sometimes all too regular) basis.  We've had to say goodbye to our own pets and have comforted friends when they've had to say goodbye to theirs.  The discussion centered around the want to give something appropriate yet different to a grieving friend.  Healing Hearts are a result of that discussion and I couldn't be more pleased to introduce them to you.

The pictures above and to the right are completed personalized Healing Hearts made from ultra suede fabric.

The photos to the left show a personalized and non-personalized Healing Heart.  I offer a variety of charms so the Healing Heart can be customized for the person receiving it.  The picture below shows the three Healing Hearts that I shipped today packaged and ready to go into their boxes for shipping.

If you'd like to send a Healing Heart to someone, please visit my Etsy shop: The Pink Contessa.